Renault Sport RS 01 Concept, Rumor And Release Date

Renault Sport RS 01 Concept, Rumor And Release Date –  The drawing near Renault Sports RS 01 is an alternative to the Megane Trophy in the Renault Community Series. By Renault, the latest model is almost second quicker per race Km than a McLaren 650S, GT3-spec Ferrari 458 or Porsche 911.

Renault Sport RS 01 Price

Renault Sport RS 01 Future

This model is anticipated to be made making use of the co2-dietary fiber monocoque chassis and thanks for that fact the overall bodyweight of the vehicle is decreased, and the top speed and velocity are improved. Some of the issues they must do are to add some weight, about 50 weight, and more than 100 ballast.

Renault Sport RS 01 Exterior And Interior

The exterior design of the latest Renault Sports RS 01 is exceptional, and anything from the outdoors is created to improve pace and performances. The large air intakes equipped with the side front bumper are very beneficial especially in the racing car such as this. These intakes satisfied impressive the engine and boosted its performances. Furthermore, the front grille has huge Renault diamond emblem on the center simply to be identifiable in the competition. Some of the GT3 requirements has to be met if you want to game, so the Renault swaps the co2-ceramic brake out for steel rotors and also reduced the effectiveness of aerodynamics load up as much as reducing downforce and expand pull. Also, the Company jacked up the trip size. What the Renault did right here is just the contradictory of what nearly all automakers would get their car up – or in this instance, straight down – to auto racing spec. Based on pictures, the expected Renault Sports RS 01 will come in a black-yellow shade. We don’t have official information about wheels, but we think that engineers have to adhere to some rules relating to this and based on pictures they are quite huge. At the rear, we can observe massive spoiler that certainly enhances aerodynamics and top velocity. To obtain permission from the Federation Francaise Sport Car (FFSA), the changed package goes through testing at a single circuit in the southern of France. The interior design of the ensuing sports car is the exact same interior like in virtually every auto racing car in this particular sector.

Renault Sport RS 01 Engine

Underneath the hood, the resulting model is powered by a 3.8-liter twin turbo V6 loaned from the Nissan GT-R but dried out-sumped and generating 466 lb-feet of torque at 5,000rpm and also high 542 hp at 6,800rpm. The transmission program for this model will be several-velocity Sadev sequential gearbox. The leading pace of this model is rated at 189 miles per hour although for the acceleration from -60 mph we do not have official info. Possibly is preferable to observe that acceleration directly in the race.

Renault Sport RS 01 Price And Release Date

The Fully developed and willing to run, the current Renault Sports RS 01 with community taxation rates about $280.000 – $350.000. Here the design is built for competing in Renault Sports Trophy this year, or more accurately half a dozen race weekends and lots of examination days and nights.